What are the roles in scrum?

Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team.

There are three roles in Scrum:

  1. Scrum Master 
  2. Product Owner
  3. Development Team

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Scrum roles

What if I don’t have all the scrum roles on my team?

You really can’t run Scrum without a product owner or scrum master, so someone will likely have to wear multiple hats. Here are some recommended combos:

  • One Scrum Master for multiple teams
  • Scrum Master + Development Team member
  • Product Owner + Development Team member

A combo you want to avoid is being both the Product Owner and Scrum Master at the same time.

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Who are the stakeholders in scrum?

A scrum team has stakeholders on two sides.

  1. Organizational leaders.
  2. Customers or end-users.

Success depends on identifying and serving the goals and motivations of both groups of stakeholders. The product owner is responsible for harmonizing and prioritizing the needs of both.

Learn more about the different scrum roles. Then browse the most common terms in a Scrum glossary and learn what is Scrum.

Is an agile coach a scrum role?

Often an agile coach serves as someone who can come in from the outside to help an organization evaluate their practice of scrum or implement it for the first time. 

An agile coach should also have competency around agile practices beyond just scrum.

Learn more about the roles in scrum or the difference between scrum and agile. Then browse the most common terms in a Scrum glossary and learn what is Scrum.

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