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Simplicity didn't come naturally for me either.

I had to learn both the wisdom and discipline to design for simplicity.

Having led both distributed and multicultural teams, I’ve leaned into the complexity. And having teenagers, two-year-olds and a couple in between, I know how hard intentionality and focus can be.

But what if our everyday life could feel more like it was on purpose?

You want your life to have meaning and impact. Everyday work and life are made up of the spaces we gather and the moments where we interact with one another.

You only have so many moments, and you want to make the most of them. I want to help you live intentionally, creating well-designed spaces to share with others.

What if your spaces, moments, and interactions not only felt natural and intuitive but also aligned with your priorities and had a positive impact on those around you?

You were made to work, to create, to have purpose. Whether you need help focusing on the right things or designing a workflow for you and your team, you’ll find help to create a design to maximize your impact.

a person facing complexity
Everyday design Backstory

Welcome to everyday design

Hey! 👋 I'm David.

I spent the first half of my career working in a non-profit, helping people grow and make an impact. Over time I saw people who were also trying to do good and make the world better, but they were burning out.

For a few years, I focused my efforts on helping people overcome the challenges that were holding them back or weighing them down. But after helping many individuals and teams, I saw there’s more systemic issues at play.

I’m tired of seeing people stressed out, overworked and burning out.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

There is a better way.

We can live intentionally. We can create innovative solutions to the problems we face. When we’re able to be intentional and innovative, we can step back and see things in context. This new perspective allows us to design our everyday rather than just react to it.

This possibility is what motivated me to create everyday design.

Throughout my journey, I've used writing to organize and synthesize what I'm learning. I began writing guides here to continue my learning and synthesis.

The themes of these guides will vary in nuance but will usually be related to core topics of leadership, design thinking, messaging and agile mindset.

My first guide, Cultivating Leaders, is a collection of insights and learning from over 15 years of leadership. Since then, guides have included topics like

Applying StrengthsFinder to your everyday leadership.
How to set goals for both work and everyday life.
Living from your priorities.
Helping everyday people learn Scrum.
Leadership design: what makes a leader?
Applying Scrum in creative work.
Growing as a servant leader.

See all the guides.

Wherever you are in your journey, I'm guessing you want to have an impact on the world around you. I hope Everyday Design can provide encouragement, inspiration and guidance.

I'd love to connect and hear about your journey as we're all learning and discovering together.

You can follow me on Medium, reach out on LinkedIn or shoot me a message here on the site.‍

If you want to know what else I'm up to, check out daviddanielatx.com

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