Scrum 101 : PSM Study Prep Course

This course isn’t just going to take you through a list of content to memorize for a test. It’s going to teach you how to practice Scrum.

Pairing that training with the certification is just a check that you understand the basics. But there is so much more nuance to practicing Scrum than can be covered in a multiple choice test.

The PSM is the certification for the Professional Scrum Master.

This course prepares you for that certification exam by walking you the essentials to understand Scrum as well as examples to teach you how to practice it.

The overall understanding will give you confidence going into your PSM certification exam.

What's included?
Scrum essentials videos
Sample study questions
Practice exams
Topical study guides
What does it take to pass the PSM?

The PSM (Professional Scrum Master) exam tests the essentials of how to practice Scrum.

Whether you're new to Scrum or have been practicing it for a while, a structured learning approach goes a long way to giving you confidence going into the test.

The course will launch in 2024.

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