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design thinking everyday solutions for business, leadership & life.

Life and work can be complex.

This is why we love solutions that consider our everyday realities and design for the challenges we face.

Design thinking your everyday life
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Helping your grow your impact

Many companies create value that their customers never experience. So we design intentional solutions and provide strategic guidance, allowing you to to deliver and intuitive and impactful end-to-end customer experience

About Everyday Design

We're all learning intentionallity

Life and work are made up of the spaces we gather and the moments where we interact with one another. We only have so many moments, and you want to make the most of them.

What if your spaces, moments, and interactions not only felt natural and intuitive but also aligned with your priorities and had a positive impact on those around you?

That's the kind of intentionality we're about at Everyday Design.

a team working during a design sprint
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Does life ever feel like a hack rather than on purpose

a person clarifying their priorities
Our Everyday Design Process

A simple, yet powerful and impactful process

What if your everyday work and life felt designed?

two people working on priorities

1. Clarify priorities

What if your work and daily life were guided by what will make the greatest impact?

Let's identify the goals that really matter.

two people designing their everyday life and schedule

2.Design everyday

What if everyday life felt more like it was on purpose?

Let's create rhythm and workflows that are right for you.

a person living intentionally and making progress

3. Live intentionally

What if you could live a life centered on people and purposes that matter most?

Let's work together to re-orient and focus work and life.

a small business owner making critical adjustments
Everyday Design for
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Everyday Design Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Dan's testimonial picture
Dan Tietz
Chief of Staff for Bridges International

"David was a great help to us in Bridges International in the midst of great challenges during the pandemic."

He facilitated a multi-day Sprint that helped us discover a concept for shifting our large national conference online.  

David was adept at structuring our time and guiding the conversation.  He had a light touch and drew out insights from the participants while still being clear about the destination for our process.  

The product was a framework that we largely brought into reality five months later.  Our staff were amazed with what we were able to accomplish with a virtual event and David was crucial for laying the foundation for that success!

Dave's testimonial picture
Dave Brewster
Team Leader at Creative One Media

David helped our agency learn new ways of think, closing gaps in how we approached creative projects

As an internal creative agency for a large non profit, we struggled with estimating how long projects would take and scoping the level of effort to deliver a solution.

David came in and looked at our current reality and what problems we were facing. He helped us implement an Agile framework that worked with our creative agency needs.

We gained a shared sense of ownership and we were able to complete projects on time and within budget.

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