Design Sprint Facilitation

It’s easy to feel stuck or have an obstacle and not be sure how to begin to overcome it. You need solutions that solve the core problem, but first your need confidence you’ve truly identified the core problem.

You know that lightbulb moment when you achieve clarity, inspiration hits and creativity flows.

What's included?
Identify the key problem to solve
Decide the best solution to test
Build a prototype
Test with real customers
a women facilitating a design sprint
Design Sprint Pricing

The design sprint includes:

  • The initial setup session
  • 4 days of sprint sessions
  • The action-focused followup session

A design sprint is using a set of methods to lead a team over a short period of time (less than a week) to learn, ideate, design, prototype and test solutions to a specific problem space.

Every organization and team has big problems to solve. It may be external problems their customers are having and they’re designing products or services. Or it could be internal problems, where they need to design the systems and processes to do the right kind of work.

Solution creation begins with problem identification. You must identify the core underlying problem first. Otherwise, you’ll keep treating symptoms or you’ll create products that look like everyone failing to stand out.

When external problems go unsolved, you lose your customers. When internal problems go unsolved you lose your best people. You can begin designing solutions to address your core needs.

Our Process

Rapid focused problem solving

focusing the design sprint on the problem to solve


After mapping the problem space, the team will focus on what problem is will solve and what question they will seek to answer.

identifying the solution to test


Through collaboration the team explores and refines possible solutions.

validating with a prototype


Together they team designs and builds a prototype for the solution to test with actual customers.

Case Study

The results speak for themselves

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