Agile Coaching

Making an impact is hard

It’s easy to feel stuck or uncertain about how to move ahead. Maybe you feel overloaded or like you’re just spinning your wheels.

What if you had someone alongside you on the journey?

What's included?
Clarify your priorities
Focus on what's actionable
Build momentum
Learn through iteration
Agile coaching for a leader
Agile Coaching Pricing
$2,500 / month

Each day you’re working to make a difference. There’s just a lot to get done. It can be easy to feel overloaded, or like you’re just spinning your wheels to have a meaningful impact.

I work with you to design solutions, frameworks, or habits that allow you to focus on what’s important. These solutions maximize your impact, freeing you to take a long-term high-impact approach

Whatever your situation is, getting another perspective can help you re-orient and identify your next steps. While there are lots of topics we can discuss, I specialize my coaching in three areas

Maximize your leadership potential

Leadership isn’t a journey you should take alone. What if you had someone to come alongside you? I provide coaching to help you reach your vision, lead others and grow as a leader.

Multiply your light bulb moments

It’s easy to feel stuck or have an obstacle and not be sure how to begin to overcome it. I can lead your team through workshops for discovery, ideation, problem-solving, and solution testing.

Scale your impact

What if it took the same amount of work to engage and serve 100 people as it would for 10? Let’s map out your workflows and processes and then adapt them in order to impact others at scale.

Clarify your message

Communication is essential to living out your purpose. We work with you to shape your message and design for engagement with your audience. Together these will maximize your impact.

Our Process

Developing a rhythm of focus and growth

agile coaching creating visibility


How do we make things more visible? So much productivity and value are lost when there isn’t clarity, focus or shared understanding.

agile coaching creating evaluation


Where can we create space to evaluate? Once things are visible they can be evaluated and we can achieve shared understanding and growth.

agile coaching creating growth


When do we encourage growth? Our environment is constantly changing and as leaders, we need to help our people and processes grow and adapt.

Case Study

The results speak for themselves

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