Leading with the Harmony StrengthsFinder Talent

From divided to unified

July 31, 2023
harmony rocks

You have the power to bring people together — even those with disparate perspectives — by recognizing what matters most: the collective well-being of the team. 

By leading with harmony StrengthsFinder talent, you can inspire and empower individuals in your team or organization to find common ground and work together.

Your Strengths Have AntiPatterns

HarmonyStrengthsFinder TL;DR

Leaders with harmony StrengthsFinder talent have an innate ability to see different perspectives and explore them in a thoughtful, nonjudgmental way. They strive to create consensus among people of differing opinions or backgrounds and approach complex situations with empathy and diplomacy. 

These kinds of leaders use their harmony strength to excel at understanding an array of viewpoints, finding common ground, and building bridges between divergent points of view. 

You are uniquely positioned to help the team resolve because you aren't trying to win.

They understand how to listen carefully, value diverse input, facilitate healthy dialogue and brainstorming sessions, recognize opportunities for collaboration, and find win-win solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

These skills are essential for successful leadership. 

Harmony-strong leaders also use their insightfulness to help create a positive, safe space for employees to express themselves and feel understood. This environment allows leaders to tap into the potential of their teams and create an inclusive culture where diverse ideas can thrive. 

As a result, you can uniquely rally your team toward collective success and help their organizations grow and evolve. 

If you’re already familiar with StrengthsFinder, you can skip over the next section.

What is StrengthsFinder?

SterengthsFinder, now CliftonStrengths, is an assessment based on strengths psychology. The fundamental premise is you will get farther by maxing out your strengths rather than trying to improve your weaknesses. 

I’ve seen numerous leaders grow as they identified their talents and turned them into well-developed strengths. But you don’t have to be a leader to benefit from StrengthsFinder, and you can apply it to more than just work. 

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses helps you better understand and live out your unique design.

Harmony is just one of the 34 different strengths measured by StengthsFinder. When you take the assessment, you will get back your top 5 strengths. You can pay for an ordered list of all 34, but I wouldn’t recommend that the first time you take the assessment.

Focus is critical to developing your strengths. Keeping just your top 5 in view helps you make meaningful growth in the areas of your life with the highest leverage and impact. 

How do you lead well with Harmony in your StrengthsFinder top 5?

So you’ve taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, received your results and found harmony in the list. Now you’re wondering how to grow or leverage this strength in your leadership. 

I've seen this one go awry when conflict prevented teams and leaders from moving forward. But I've also seen teams turn it around, resolve conflict and find a balance even when there is both command and harmony on the same team.

These are two strategies I’ve seen harmony-strong leaders use to find win-win opportunities.

  1. Learn to facilitate through conversations.
  2. Grow in conflict resolution.

Learn to recognize behaviors when you're over-leveraging your strengths to the point that they become liabilities. And discover the path back to health.

Learn to facilitate through conversations.

Because of your harmony strength, you understand how to create a safe space for everyone to be heard and respected. You can listen deeply, ask good questions, and synthesize conversations on the go. 

You can uniquely rally your team toward collective success and help their organizations grow and evolve.

When leaders have developed their harmony strength, they can use their strong sense of empathy to consider all sides in a conversation or issue, elevate areas of agreement, and help everyone have a voice.

Grow in conflict resolution.

Harmony-strong leaders shouldn't shy away from conflict but approach it with the intention of finding win-win solutions that bring harmony back into the organization. 

Learn when to step in and offer suggestions or draw attention to potentially overlooked ideas that could move the team forward. By leveraging your diplomatic skills, you can help teams arrive at a consensus without creating animosity among members.

You can facilitate open communication that doesn’t have to end in conflict

This will feel scary, but your harmony strength gives you a secret weapon to combat your biggest challenge.  You are uniquely positioned to help the team resolve because you aren't trying to win.

As you learn to lead using your harmony strength, you can help teams move from divided to unified.

As a leader, leverage your strengthsfinder harmony talent to build agreement and consensus. You can facilitate open communication that doesn’t have to end in conflict.

Action Plan

Leaders with the strength of harmony can struggle with an antipattern of people pleasing. Learning the strengths antipatterns will allow you to continue growing as a healthy, intentional leader. 

You are on an extraordinary journey to living and leading from your strengths. You can explore the list below to learn about the rest of your top 5 strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions


So do I totally ignore my weaknesses and just focus on my strengths?

Strengths-based growth doesn’t encourage you to ignore your weaknesses but not to spend too much time trying to turn them into strengths. Instead, you may need to find team members or systems to fill in your gaps.

Learn more about how StrengthsFind influences your leadership.

There are strengths I think I have; why didn’t they didn’t show up in my top 5?

For some people, their strengths ranked 5, 6 or 7 are almost even. You could also be misattributing a skill or behavior to a specific strength.

Learn more about how StrengthsFind influences your leadership.

Should I pay to see all 34 strengths?

Seeing your other 29 strengths can help give you a fuller picture. But initially, someone should focus on further developing those top 5 strengths rather than trying to give attention across the list. Once you have a good grasp on what it looks like to lead from your top 5, it can be helpful to explore the rest of the list.

Learn more about how StrengthsFind influences your leadership.

What’s the difference between a talent and a strength?

A talent is your natural way of thinking or behaving. A strength is a talent developed over time through knowledge, skills and practice.

Learn more about how StrengthsFinder influences your leadership.

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