How we developed a online distributed experience

How we developed a online distributed experience

Jun 2018 - Mar 2019
How we developed a online distributed experience

Project results


Customizable Experience

Project Objectives

The longstanding spring break opportunity for our organization was no longer viable and was being removed as part of the portfolio.  We saw this as an opportunity to test a new product that could be a better fit for our target audience and organizational goals.  I acted as a coach and consultant to one of my direct reports who managed the project.

The key objectives included:

  • Create a tool that supports a campus chapter volunteer to lead a spring break trip for the first time.
  • Design the system to work at scale, with hundreds of chapters sending trips.
  • Implement a prototype with at least 40 chapters in the first year.
  • Learn and adapt.

Project Execution

Strategic and Business Management

The organization had just implemented a restructuring to try and decentralize a lot of processes and leadership.  We needed new tools that were flexible, scalable and aligned with our top priorities.

Technical Project Management

I worked closely with the project manager to charter the project and baseline the scope, schedule and cost.  From there, I helped with some monitoring and controlling and acted as the change control board.


I wanted this to be an opportunity for one of my team members to develop as a leader and project manager.  I met regularly with him to coach him through the process.  I provided larger organizational guidance and resources.


As we innovated something totally new, we needed help.  We leveraged our internal communication channels to identify our early adopters and involve them as soon as we could.  They provided critical feedback on the product and process.

Project Outcomes

We produced a full product in our first year.  This included resource guides, promotional materials and videos. We had over 50 chapters signup the first year.  We did follow-up research with all of them, including both those who did and did not use it.

We took what we learned and commissioned a second year to test some adjustments a see if we could scale it broader.

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