Leadership is both an art and a science.
It’s an exciting journey of growth and
discovering we cultivate leadership in
both ourselves and those we lead.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. It’s common to feel like you need to fit into a socially prescribed mold to be a true leader. But the truth is you have unique gifting and a design for how you lead. As you discover your leadership talents you can grow and develop them into strengths that will level up your leadership and your everyday life.

How would you design a leader?

There is a beautiful diversity when you look at leaders, each shaped by how they’ve been created and the experiences they’ve had. A Leader doesn’t fit a singular template to be copied.

Leadership contains common themes, or design elements, uniquely expressed in each leader. These design elements shape who we are as leaders, informing what kind of leaders we become.

This series explores six design elements that are not only important to visual design but to leadership design as well.

  1. Priority
  2. Alignment
  3. Proximity
  4. Contrast
  5. Negative Space
  6. Rhythm

As you dive into each element, I’ll provide tools to help you discover your own design and take the next steps of growth. Let’s get started…

discover your leadership design

Using your strengths
to grow as
a leader

StrengthsFinder or CliftonStrengths delivers a model to better understand the complexity of talents and strengths in ourselves and others. You take a brief assessment that scores you according to 34 possible talents. Your results provide your top 5 talents to develop into strengths.

At the core of strengths psychology is the idea that we will see a more significant benefit by leveraging our strengths than improving our weaknesses. That is why I love helping people discover how they have been created, recognizing their design and how it shapes them.

People are a unique combination of aptitudes, backgrounds and experiences. Understanding your strengths allows you to see what is and could be possible. Recognizing what you and others on your team bring will enable you to identify your best contribution.

Applying StrengthsFinder in Servant Leadership

Leverage your strengths and grow as a servant leader.

Use this guide to growing as a servant leader to discover how your can leveraging your leadership strengths and develop your team.

StrengthsFinder Rocks

How I use CliftonStrengths as a leader

Seeing Both The Bright And Dark Side To Strengths.

Understanding the strengths of your team is essential to cultivating a high-performing team. Learn how to leverage but not over-leverage your team's strengths.

Explore the 34 StrengthsFinder talents and learn how to apply your strengths to both leadership and everyday life.

living by your priorities

Does life ever feel like
a hack rather than on purpose?

Don’t spend another day just reacting or living by someone else’s priorities.

Our five-day short course guides you through the process of identifying your life priorities and scaling them day to everyday decisions. You’ll learn how to establish a rhythm to build good habits and grow a team that will be with you on the journey.

Imagine if your spaces, moments, and interactions not only felt natural and intuitive but also aligned with your priorities and positively impacted those around you. It’s possible, and you can begin today.

cultivating leaders

A GUIDE TO growing servant leaders

Leaders aren’t cars; they’re not manufactured. Leaders are something more organic. They grow.

Learn the essential habits to cultivating leadership growth in yourself and others.

start seeing leaders grow

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