Design Sprints

a guide to facilitating your own design sprints

Coming 2023

It’s easy to feel stuck or have an obstacle and not be sure how to begin to overcome it. You need solutions that solve the core problem, but first your need confidence you’ve truly identified the core problem.

You know that lightbulb moment when you achieve clarity, inspiration hits and creativity flows.

Begin designing solutions that meet your user’s core needs. Learn a collaborative method that facilitates broad buy-in for your solution.

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What is a Design Sprint?

Recently a friend was asking what I do. I mentioned design sprints and they asked, “I’ve heard that before, what is a design sprint.”

Here was my off the cuff definition:

A design sprint is using a set of methods to lead a team over a short period of time (less than a week) to learn, ideate, design, prototype and test solutions to a specific problem space.

In Fall 2022 I’ll be releasing a new guide to equip you to facilitate your own design sprints. We’ll look at how to design for products, services and systems.

Solve Your Core Problem

Every organization and team has big problems to solve. It may be external problems their customers are having and they’re designing products or services. Or it could be internal problems, where they need to design the systems and processes to do the right kind of work.

Solution creation begins with problem identification. You must identify the core underlying problem first. Otherwise, you’ll keep treating symptoms or you’ll create products that look like everyone failing to stand out.

When external problems go unsolved, you lose your customers. When internal problems go unsolved you lose your best people. You can begin designing solutions to address your core needs.

“Design Sprints” is a content project teaching you how to facilitate design sprints for your team or organization. It will launch in fall 2022.

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